7th April 2012

A long time has past since I last wrote here. Much has happened, but the jist of it is that we have played a couple of shows, but really not a lot recently. Berlin last summer was great, and we were treated very well by everyone we met. There are some photos from that trip here.
A couple of months ago we recorded a 3 hour radio show for Music For Listeners from San Antonio. That can be heard here, although I'd maybe avoid it if I were you.

21st July 2011

Tomorrow we head out to Berlin to play a couple of shows, including this one with Jeff Lewis, Viking Moses and some other exciting folk.The people who have booked the shows are unbelievably nice and accomodating! We'll be in Berlin until Thursday next week eating cakes and such, so if you live there and see some confused looking English folk, come and say hi! Alternatively you could come to one of the shows!!! Details on the shows page!

28th May 2011

We have a bunch of shows coming up, weirdly considering we're never around and never ask anyone for them!! so this is BY POPULAR DEMAND, or at least by promoter demand.... we have some in Bristol and a couple in Berlin in July - these are our first ever European shows (well, non-UK european) so we're excited and scared by that! If you are a Berlin-dweller, please come by and see us, details on the shows page...

1st May 2011

Welcome to the new My Two Toms website. Here you can expect some very, very sporadic news of shows and releases and such...

First up is a show with crazy old Frank Fairfield at The Cube in Bristol on June 4th. See you in the pit.