"who we were and what we meant by it"
(stitch-stitch records 2011)

Side A
1. Tom-Tom the Lonely Pony
2. Quieten
3. Ya Ya
4. Ballad of Karen Glenn
5. Clementine
6. The Silent Cinema
7. Louden
8. Lullaby for John

Side B
1. The Bounty
2. Hootie
3. Supermalt
4. Lottie
5. Finding Old Things
6. Pumpkin
7. George and James
8. Chicken Fried Steak
9. I Was at School

Who We Were and What We Meant By It is the third album by My Two Toms. It was recorded between 2003 and 2007 at home by the band, with guests Matt Jones, Kate Wright and François. Released on beautiful vinyl (with free digital download) on stitch-stitch records. Cover art is by the amazing Bjorn Rune Lie.
Also available to download or listen to on our bandcamp page.

“field recordings" and "two"
(mole in the ground records - 2006)

1. On The Porch
2. Goodbye Basement A Limbo
3. Glee
4. Gladys
5. Easy Song
6. Overblown
7. Egyptian Blues
8. Bleeding Fingers
9. Horseriding Song

10. Wintertime (live at the cube)

11. How To Draw Horses
12. Drop Cops
13. My Little Wagon
14. It's Autumn
15. Drop Stubbs
16. One Heart One Horseshoe
17. Handsome Dog
18. Thoughts Get Thunk
19. Chop Chop Please Come Back
20. That Was Then, This Is Now
21. The Wedding Song
22. Teenage

This is a collection of our first two self-released cds from 2001 and 2003, re-released by the kind and benevolent mole in the ground records